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Performance Coaching with NLP

Performance Coaching is focused on improving your performance at work and addresses the equation:

your performance equals your potential minus your internal barriers

The intention is to reduce your internal barriers so that your performance improves.

Standard coaching without NLP relies upon your own resources for reducing your internal barriers. If you lack resources, then coaching could take very many sessions. However, the techniques of NLP such as New Behaviour Generator, Belief Change, Detachment etc. can actually re-programme you quickly to reach your goals.

NLP brings four unique advantages to coaching: techniques for fast improvement; your self-motivation and forward momentum to overcome obstacles; my rapport skills in connecting with you; and my own positive state for helpful, clear thinking even if you are in a very negative state.

My approach is future focused and not limited by the standard coaching GROW model (Goal, Reality, Options, and Way forward).

for higher performance, faster...
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