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What is NLP?

be, do, or have...whatever you want

Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) is a set of powerful life-changing empowerment technologies that you can use to produce massively positive results in your life. Built around the three core components of human experience: neurology, language, and behaviours, NLP allows you to choose your preferred mental and emotional states in response to situations. For example, being calm instead of stressed, being confident instead of fearful, being assertive instead of passive...quickly, with NLP.

NLP allows you to eliminate negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours and install positive thoughts, feelings and behaviours supportive of your goals. NLP works very quickly...often, in one session, you can get the results that may have eluded you for months using traditional therapies and methodologies.

NLP is neither a diagnostic tool nor an intellectual exercise; it is an experiential adventure. NLP cannot be learned from a book, by distance learning, or online. You've got to do it to learn it.

NLP is neither therapy, nor psychology, nor cognitive behaviour, which are about theory, opinion and guesswork. It is about you learning to run your own brain so that you don't need others to do it for you!

By asking specific questions I access the goal-seeking part of your nervous system (Neuro). By using your own words (Linguistic) I activate your senses. I then show you how to create new mind-sets (Programming) for new behaviours.

to be the person you want to be...
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